Endowed Scholarships

Did you know that the Memphis Athletics Department (like other universities) does not receive a waiver for student-athletes’ scholarships?  The department is responsible for payment of tuition, fees, books, room and board for nearly 350 Student-Athletes to the university, which totals over $6 Million dollars annually!

This is why establishing a named student-athlete scholarship is so helpful in offsetting costs of providing an education for our young adults.  Your support for scholarships at Memphis helps meet the university’s highest priority-providing the opportunity for all Student-Athletes to develop their full potential.

Scholarships allow talented students who otherwise would not have the opportunity, to achieve a college education and provide for their future. For many Student-Athletes, an athletic scholarship is their only hope to attend and graduate from a major university. This opportunity of support transforms their lives forever and plays a vital role for our community.

We want Memphis to become the school of choice for Student-Athletes. Your help to establish a named fund provides the education for this Student-Athlete and offers the department an opportunity to direct resources towards other important avenues such as academic support, coaches, infrastructure, and lifelong learning/skills programs.When we receive your gift, it is invested in the endowment pool.

When we receive your gift, it is invested in the endowment pool. The principal is never invaded; only earnings are distributed. Endowed funds may be established with an outright gift, a pledge that will be paid over a period of years or a planned gift that will be realized in the future. 

Many donors add an expendable portion to an endowed fund so that an immediate award may be made while the endowment grows.

The general criteria you specify for awarding your fund allows you to focus your support in a number of ways and areas. Scholarships may be awarded on the basis of a particular sport, position within a sport, and often recognize other attributes of the young Student-Athlete, such as location.