Endowed Coaching Funds

Exceptional coaches can transform a program and university through special means. The need to recruit and retain quality coaches is essential to the success of Memphis Athletics. Investments in coaching can often be realized quickly in terms of success and recruiting. Many top athletes choose a university based solely upon the coach.

The most talented athletes are unlikely to shine if they are not stimulated by intelligent, insightful and caring coaches. Outstanding coaches are one of the most precious resources to our university, and the single most important factor in determining the university’s reputation for excellence.

Because strong, talented coaches are so crucial to an athletic department’s ultimate success, the competition is keen. Salary disparities between schools and conferences grow larger every year, and those same disparities also exist, to a lesser degree, between Memphis and its peer institutions.

Establishing a named coaching fund can be instrumental to a program, and can correlate into direct success. Funds that are established to support coaching funds confer added prestige to the holder of the named fund and draw attention to the role that philanthropy plays in their athletic program.